At the beginning of this summer we introduced to you our new section of the DAUMIER REGISTER’S: „New Research Results“. We had started off with the first 50 articles, noting that many Daumier collectors and scholars were amazed about the hidden messages in Daumier’s lithographic work, which had not been recognized before.

Now, as the summer comes to an end, we can already look at one hundred articles in this interesting and unusual project. And there are still many more to come.

We would be happy to receive your opinion whether you find this new section useful and attractive and whether you enjoy the form and the content. Please take a moment to send us a short email (the contact button is at the upper right of each page). Your feedback and comments will surely encourage us to pursue this task in collaboration with our contributing friends: Alex Djordjevic, our “detective-in-chief”, and Ada Ackerman sharing with us her scholarly interest in the Daumier-Eisenstein relation.

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