Over the years, while providing expertise of Daumier oil paintings, we had the opportunity to discover a great number of copies / imitations / fakes. Many works date back to Daumier’s time; in fact Daumier himself complained about an ever increasing number of forgeries he came across. Still today many imitators try to declare their works as „original Daumier“.

Please have a look at a selection of these paintings on this website under CARICATURES >> FAKES & IMITATIONS. As you will see, some of the works had been offered on the Art market as originals, others as Daumier attributions, or „in the manner of Daumier“. We invite you to take the time and ‚enjoy‘ this Gallery of Fakes and Imitations where you will be able to choose between PAINTINGS, LITHOGRAPHS, DRAWINGS and SCULPTURES – all „in the manner of Daumier“. We are constantly adding new findings.