The Oskar Reinhart Collection ‚Am Römerholz‘ in Winterthur, Switzerland, has a

remarkable ensemble of drawings and paintings by Honoré Daumier. The museum is

celebrating the artist’s two hundredth anniversary with a variety of events.

From 9th February until July 2008 under the title Focus on Daumier at the

‚Römerholz‘: Oskar Reinhart and Honoré Daumier, the works by the artist in the

museum’s own collection will be exhibited in a new arrangement which underlines

their thematic and artistic links as well as their importance.

In addition, Judith Wechsler’s film on Honoré Daumier-one must be of one’s time-can

be seen in English, French, and German.

Finally, numerous internationally recognised experts will meet at the ‚Römerholz‘ on

9 February 2008 for a conference with lectures and discussions of important aspects

of Daumier’s work.

In parallel with this, the Kunsthaus Zürich is showing an exhibition of selected

drawings by Honoré Daumier from 7 December 2007 to 24 February 2008. Winterthur and

Zurich thus offer an opportunity to derive central insights into the work and milieu

of one of the most productive and innovative artists of the nineteenth century.

You can register for the conference at:

Oskar Reinhart Collection ‚Am Römerholz‘

Haldenstrasse 95

CH-8400 Winterthur

Tel.: +41 (0)52 269 27 41

Information by Oskar Reinhart Collection, Dec. 2007