We are proud to announce that the PROMETHEUS Archive (http://www.prometheus-bildarchiv.de/) has integrated the complete Daumier Register database into their system. This way all the Daumier lithographs and wood engravings which we described and illustrated in our online work catalogue will be accessible also through PROMETHEUS.

PROMETHEUS is a database hosting presently 406’000 images from 37 databases of cultural background aiming at research and studies. The institution is strictly non-commercial and offers access to now 27 universities and another 44 institutions as well as 5’500 private users, covering most of the art history and archaeological institutions in the German speaking area. The integrated databases originate from university institutes, museums, research institutes and private archives. PROMETHEUS offers tools for the use of images in presentations and lectures.

We are very happy about the Daumier Register’s presence in this important platform, reaching an ever increasing number of art researchers.