April 15, 2004

Dear Daumier- Friend,

For those of you who participated in the restoration program of Daumier’s grave at Père Lachaise in Paris, here some good news: the grave site has been cleaned up, and the path way around the grave has been redone. The tree that had collapsed over Daumier’s grave has been removed. On May 19 at 3:30 p.m., the Mayor of Paris will visit the Père Lachaise cemetery in occasion of its 200th anniversary. He will hopefully support us in the restoration project.

Any further financial help from your end however would be highly appreciated, since we now need to spend funds on the restoration of the tombstone and the chain which, as you know, have been worn out by time over the last 125 years.

Have a look at some recent photographs of Daumier’s grave.

Please contact us for any further questions or comments.

Thanks for your continuous support,

Dieter and Lilian Noack